Mansory's Ferrari 812 GTS Looks Like Fine Aged Milk With a Minty Touch

Ferrari's 812 series was discontinued last year, with the Prancing Horse currently working on its successor. However, that hasn't stopped Mansory from tuning yet another one, and it is just as controversial as you can imagine.
Ferrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTS 11 photos
Photo: Instagram | Mansory
Ferrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTSFerrari 812 GTS - Mansory Stallone GTS
The stock Ferrari 812 needs no aftermarket touch to stand out in a sea of supercars (or exotic GTs), yet this does not mean anything to Mansory. As a result, the controversial tuner has ruined another copy by giving it a way-too-aggressive body kit and a minty touch on the inside.

Can you tell what's new without a side-by-side comparison? Why, of course, you can. After all, the updates are in-your-face, starting from the add-ons up front, including that new apron with side blades and the vented hood. More vents are visible on the front fenders. It has new mirror caps and side skirt attachments, too.

The back end is even more controversial with its vented bumper and new diffuser that is supposed to send motorsport vibes with its integrated brake light in the middle. However, the only vibes this supercar sends are OTT ones, especially with that oversized wing attached to the trunk lid. The exhaust tips also fell victim to Mansory, and so did the alloys that are bigger than the OEM set.

Ferrari 812 GTS \- Mansory Stallone GTS
Photo: Instagram | Mansory
Named the Mansory Stallone GTS, this Ferrari 812 GTS has a matte gray look and forged carbon when it comes to the add-ons. The Italian flag motif was replicated on certain components and can also be seen on the inside, where it decorates the dashboard, central armrest, seats, paddle shifters, and door cards.

The whole interior has a minty look to it that doesn't do justice to this phenomenal exotic. Mansory thought fit to display its name on the steering wheel, headrests, footrest, and between the central air vents. It was likely sprinkled on the new floor mats, too, which have white edging, similar to the piping on the seats and door cards. Additional carbon fiber trim completes the visual makeover.

There is no word on a possible performance boost, yet we know Mansory has a power boost available for the Ferrari 812 GTS. It lifts the V12's output and torque to 818 horsepower (830 ps/610 kW) and 546 pound-feet (740 Nm), up from 789 hp (800 ps/588 kW) and 530 lb-ft (718 Nm). With the extra oomph, the tuner says the 812 GTS takes 2.8 seconds to 62 mph (100 kph), a two-tenth improvement. Top speed is said to have gone up, too, from 211 mph (340 kph) to 214 mph (345 kph).

It is unknown whether this Ferrari 812 GTS was built as a demo car or at the request of its owner, though we lean towards the latter. To find out how much it'll cost you to make your 812 GTS look like this, you will have to reach out to the tuner.

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