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Luxurious, Sporty Hovercraft Arosa Plans to Hit the Land and Water This Summer

Air-cushion vehicles or hovercraft are not a new concept. But somehow, their ability to travel on both land and water was obscured by their high costs, noisy engines, and finicky nature, so they lost their appeal over time. VonMercier wants to make them popular once again with its Arosa, which is touted as the world’s first luxury sports hovercraft.
VonMercier Arosa Hovercraft 9 photos
VonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa HovercraftVonMercier Arosa Hovercraft
U.S.-based company VonMercier is in the business of designing and manufacturing premium, futuristic electric vehicles. The Arosa concept was introduced in 2014, only under a different name (Supercraft) and it’s one mysterious amphibious. It looks like a luxury sportscar that can also float on water and tackle off-road terrains as well. In other words: the whole package.

But VonMercier is very skimpy when it comes to revealing the specs of its hovercraft to us ordinary mortals, saving the complete sheet for “members only”, the likes of pre-order holders, investors, and so on.

All that aside, here’s what we know so far about Arosa: it is a two-seater with a low body profile and a carbon fiber construction. It packs three 118 HP independent electric motors that VonMercier says are low noise, and they are powered by a high voltage battery pack that should keep the vehicle going for 90 minutes. The production model should be able to reach speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kph) on water.

A steering wheel “governs the thrust engines for maneuverability”, but there are no brakes, so you have to power down the lift and adjust thrust positioning to slow down or stop. The hovercraft rides on a cushion of air about 8” above the water or land.

Despite VonMercier’s optimistic plans to launch Arosa last year, the hovercraft is still in the works, but the manufacturer specifies that the first production units are expected to be available for delivery this summer.

Those who are interested in getting the fancy, morphing vehicle can reserve one for $1,000. The hovercraft will have a starting price of $100,000, and costs go up if you opt for a bespoke vehicle. VonMercier allows customers to customize the hovercraft in terms of exterior color, interior fabrics, audio and GPS systems, and more.

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