Lucky Cat Survives 70 MPH Car Crash in Switzerland

As if being able to survive being dropped from a building wasn't enough, cats are apparently able to withstand high-speed car crashes that would kill us furless bipeds. This lucky cat that's been nicknamed Quasimodo recently survived being hit by a Peugeot on a highway in Switzerland. Cue the "nine lives" jokes!
Cat Survives 70 MPH Car Crash in Switzerland 4 photos
Cat Survives 70 MPH Car Crash in SwitzerlandCat Survives 70 MPH Car Crash in SwitzerlandCat Survives 70 MPH Car Crash in Switzerland
As you can see from the photo below, the black and white cat ended up wedged into the front bumper of a Peugeot 107, which it hit at around 70 mph. Swiss motorist Stephanie Huber reported hearing only a soft sound while traveling down the A14 highway. She didn't think much of it and continued on her journey for another 10 miles.

Only once parked did Stephanie discover the poor animal stuck in the front bumper and called the local police. Arriving on scene, they expected the worse after hearing Quasimodo was struck at such high speed. Nevertheless, the cat had survived, though both its ears were burned off by the radiator.

"After hearing that a motorist had struck an animal at 70 mph (112 km/h) we were positive it wouldn't be alive, especially after then being carried along by the car for another 10 miles (16 km). When we found out that it had indeed survived it was a real surprise. The officers were unable to free the cat and so a vet was called to carry out the complicated procedure," said Swiss police spokesman Urs Wigger.

Quasimodo doesn't have ears any more, but he looks like he's going to be fine. After the incident, the cat was adopted by a local animal clinic doctor who said this is the most amazing survival story he's ever witnessed.



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