Loading a Motorbike on a Bus This Way Is Painfully Stupid

No, it doesn't work like this 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
There are occasions when certain people fail to see the obvious and it's exactly then when the dumbest, funniest, or, more unfortunately, nastiest accidents occur.
Now, when it comes to motorcycles, these occasions appear very often, and in all their versions, but we never saw this one coming.

We've gasped watching a guy carrying a motorbike on his head up a ladder and on the roof of a bus, countless chaps who can't ride a bike on a ramp to the back of a pickup truck, we even saw brave BMW R1200GS riders defeated by logs crossing a small stream, but never saw such a dumb failure.

For starters, it's even hard to try to estimate what was this guy thinking when he decided that riding the bike directly into the bus would work. It's useless to ask if he even took some measuring tape to see if the bike's handlebars fit through the door because it's more than obvious that he didn't.

In fact, we're not even sure that this fellow is sober, and in case he's tipsy this explains a lot. Booze and bikes don't go well together and most of the times this combo yields very nasty, sorrowful results. Well, at least, this time, the bike trip ended much earlier than expected and wihout broken bones and bloodshed.

The only things that broke were the front brake and clutch levers, and maybe that handlebar also needs some straightening, and the bus entrance might also need some paint here and there.

We're not sure if the bloke should or shouldn't have been injured at least a bit, just to live with a "reminder pain" for several days. Usually, dumb fellows like this one do remember such stories the painful way, and it looks like pain also makes them a tad wiser. Someone should definitely research the correlation between pain and wisdom...

PS: Can you picture how this might have ended with a Honda CBR or other sports bike instead of the small cruiser?

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