Light Truck Getting Lifted by Hydraulic Clawed Arm Is the Stuff of Nightmares

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The worst possible job for a car fan would be at the junkyard. Seeing all those vehicles - some in pretty good shape - get mercilessly crushed to death has got to be very hard to swallow. It's like being a vegan and working at a slaughter house.
Sometimes, though, the scrapyard gets mobile and roams the streets looking for its next victim. At least in Russia it does, the place where the action in the clip below originates. It's probably the classic case of abandoned vehicle that the owner just forgot about, and pissed off residents who can't find a parking spot because that piece of junk is taking one up for no reason.

So they call the city hall or whoever is in charge of taking care of the public domain there to solve the problem. And what do they send? Only the most terrifying vehicle a car could ever think of, if it were able to think of anything. It's the lady with the scythe, the ripper of the car world.

It's not just that articulated arm with the sharp, metal claws at the end that'd be scaring the life out of every parked vehicle around, it's also that large dumpster at the back of the truck that can have only one purpose: to carry the corpse back to the hell they call "scrapyard."

No car should have to suffer this type of public execution, but as the pneumatic daggers sink into the light truck's cabin and it's clear the poor abandoned vehicle can't escape the grasp of death, we get to see why this savage procedure was actually necessary. Lifting the small commercial vehicle like it was a kid playing with a toy, the rear axle of the victim enters our field of view, and we can see it's got no wheels. It most likely also has a consistent pile of hardened snow in front of it, so even if somebody wanted to tow the truck, any attempt at moving it on its wheels would have necessitated further efforts.

Instead, the truck is safely deposited in the container, and it even gets a few pats on the back from the metallic arm to make sure it's tucked in nicely. But the saddest thing about this clip is that nobody seems to care one bit about that vehicle - it was all alone during these last moments on Earth. And to think that all it needed to run free on the streets again was a little love. And a pair of wheels.

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