Lexus SC300 Tries to Become Mercedes SL55 AMG

Lexus SC300 Mercedes SL55 AMG conversionLexus SC300 Mercedes SL55 AMG conversionLexus SC300 Mercedes SL55 AMG conversionLexus SC300 Mercedes SL55 AMG conversion
The tuning phenomenon has really taken off in the last decade and now the aftermarket offer manages to cover just about every segment of the automotive market. This means that no project is considered too extreme, with every new day or week bringing us at least one modified creation that surpasses all our expectations.

Today, we are going to talk about a Japanese driver who decided that his Lexus SC300 needed a complete makeover. Nothing unusual here. However, the man chose to transform the vehicle into a... Mercedes SL, as Farm of Minds reports.

We won't comment on the project, even though our automotive common sense is begging us to let it take over the keyboard for a couple of minutes.

It seems like the owner of the SC300 had a specific goal when he started the project: to take his car and do whatever is necessary to turn it into his own Mercedes SL55 AMG. As we said, we won’t state our opinion on such a conversion, but we can’t help notice that the project seems to use quality details, which means that it took an enormous amount of time and work to be completed.

Of course, you can’t say that if you see the vehicle on the street, you’d confuse it for an AMG ‘Benz. However, the creation’s proportions seem to be right. The car also comes with certain details that seem to be overdone. One of this would be the front bonnet, which seems to be borrowed from a 12 year-old’ photoshop picture archive.


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