Lamborghini Urus Scale Model Shoot Is Why You Can't Believe Your Eyes Anymore

Between the Photoshop skills some people display and the nearly life-like renderings others can create, it's getting increasingly more difficult to tell what is real and what is not.
Lamborghini Urus scale model shooting 4 photos
Photo: Kunaal Kelkar
Lamborghini Urus scale model shootingLamborghini Urus scale model shootingLamborghini Urus scale model shooting
Obviously, being fooled by a fabricated image of a car and believing it is real isn't the worst thing in the world that can happen. There are other areas where false information can have a much more serious impact, and the term "fake news" may have been overused lately, but it's an actual phenomenon that should be taken seriously.

So should this photoshoot of the Lamborghini Urus, even though it doesn't involve the actual car, but rather a 1:18 scale model; not that you could easily tell. In fact, the quality of the final images is a credit to the fine work of both the photographer and the company that put together the tiny collectible model of the SUV.

The ingenuity of the photographer is also worth noting. His name is Kunaal Kelkar, and he lives in India. He's been a lifetime Lamborghini fan and he was actually supposed to fly to Italy last year and get the chance to drive the Urus. However, 2020 happened, and those plans got canceled.

That meant Kunaal had to settle for pointing his camera at the scale model of the Urus that Lamborghini India had sent him instead. Instead of letting that get him down, the photographer decided to make the most of the opportunity.

So, without even leaving his home - which, it has to be said, did contain a swimming pool - he managed to capture a few images of the Urus that make up for the missed chance of actually shooting the SUV on Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Obviously, getting the result meant Kunaal had to get creative (and wet). He used the SUV model's acrylic casing to partially submerge his camera into the water while the vehicle was resting on a rock placed carefully on the pool's steps.

The sight of the camera sitting below water will give some people a minor panic attack (it sure makes me at least a little anxious), but in the end, you could say it was worth it. Obviously, a different background was added in the editing software for the final touch. You can browse through the pictures in the gallery and see a "making of" video below.

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