Lamborghini Gallardo Burns to Half a Crisp in Malaysia

There used to be a time when supercars were monsters with hearts of molten metal and tempers like fire. The German engineers came along and changed all that, or so we thought, but we’re please to report that the Gallardo was only partially domesticated.
Hot enough for you? 1 photo
That’s because a topless version of the V10 Lambo caught fire in Malaysia after its owner wanted to turn up the heat a bit.

"I was driving up a slope when I noticed smoke coming out of the engine," said the 30+ year owner who preferred to stay anonymous, according to "I had the car for three years and it was heartbreaking to see it go up in flames."

By the time firemen arrived a few minutes later, only the front end was left, which makes this a write-off, but at least it makes for a cool story and an interesting display piece.


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