LaFerrari Offroading, How Silly Is This?

Back in the day, a Ferrari halo car was an object of fascination, with a mere photo snapped on a driveway being enough to generate a buzz. However, in the contemporary automotive landscape, the hypercar abundance we're enjoying means LaFerrari owners seeking attention can't simply give their monster hybrid a wash, ask a photographer for a brief session, and call it a day.
LaFerrari Offroading 4 photos
LaFerrari offroadingLaFerrari offroadingLaFerrari offroading
As a result, we end up with photo shoots such as the one in the images below, which saw the 950 hp (make that 963 PS if you're a follower of the metric system) Prancing Horse leaving the asphalt behind.

The LaFerrari met some rugged terrain on the outskirts of Zurich, and given the kind of traffic fines one can get in Switzerland (the tickets are proportional to the driver's income), perhaps such a calm activity isn't such a waste of a hypercar's time.

This gas-electric Fezza isn't dressed in Rosso Fuoco as it might seem at first sight, though. Instead, the LaF comes in Rosso F1 2007 - this was a year when Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen grabbed the Driver's Championship, while the Prancing Horse also took the Constructor's Championship after a controversial espionage episode that saw McLaren being disqualified.

Returning to the grass-eating LaFerrari photos, which come via Autogespot, we want to remind you the machine's suspension lift system also helped with the adventure.

Come to think of it, this LaF stunt only follows the Bugatti Veyron softroading episode we showed you last year. So, since such shenanigans might just become a trend, we must also think of what could follow as the hypercar realm's next attention-grabbing move.

With hypercar-based racecars that have regained their street-legal status such as the McLaren P1 GTR and the upcoming Aston Martin Vulcan being the industry's best effort these days, we might just see one of those stepping off the road, but this is another story for another time.


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