KTM Receives Critical Hit from Honda

Setting off all alone on an enduro ride is a bad idea, because you've got no one to help you when things go wrong... and things DO go wrong when off-roading.
KTM Receives Critical Hit from Honda 1 photo
Photo: YouTube
Now, riding closely to the other guys in the pack is also a bad idea, because this means things will go wrong for more than one fellow when the going gets tough... and the going gets tough when off-roading.

One of the things enduro enthusiasts must know is understanding when to let the bike go down. These machines are much tougher than most of us think and they can take a beating without sustaining much damage, so letting them fall is not as hazardous.

Taking a fall is not making any of your friends think lesser of you, but whiskey throttling your bike into the ones your buddies ride may also come with a lot of swearing, not to mention the increased damage. So you'd better let it fall...

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