Exhaust-Scented Candles for the Long Winter Nights

Exhaust-Scented Candles 3 photos
Photo: Flying Tiger Motorcycles
Exhaust-scented candlesExhaust-scented candles
It looks like the winter break is one of the toughest ordeals for certain riders. At least this is what came into mind after learning about one of the most.... eccentric ideas we got this year: exhaust-scented candles!
It sounds wacko, but these things are nevertheless as real as they get: Flying Tiger Motorcycles is offering them for $20 (€14.6) a pop.

As if things were not crazy enough you can get the Open Road or the Two Stroke Smoke versions. While the Open Road brings in a combination of "Black Suede and Salty Sea Air to remind you of cruising the back roads on a perfect sunny day," the Two Stroke Smoke "is made with real live Blendzall Racing Castor 2 stroke oil with high-octane fragrance."

I'm still having problems putting an end to the dumb, flabbergasted smile which installed on my face the first time I read the news. Exhaust-scented candles are either cool or fool, you be the judge.

Via Dealernews.
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