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KTM RC8 Cafe-Racer by Mirco Sapio Leaves Us Gasping for Air

This RC8 is nowhere near the first mind-blowing design we saw from Mirco Sapio. The Italian seems to become more and more specialized in KTM builds, be that 3D modeling and renderings or real products he manufactures. Only a virtual concept, the new KTM RC8 Cafe Racing by Mirco Sapio Design is the kind of project that leaves us sighing.
Mirco Sapio KTM RC8 Cafe Racing 1 photo
Just like Paolo Tesio, another Italian whose work we showed you on multiple occasions, Mirco Sapio manages to transform some of his creations into real products. The MSD (Mirco Sapio Design) Headlight for KTM 1290 Super Duke R is such a creation that made it into production and can be ordered and installed on road motorcycles.

It would be a truly stellar feat if someone actually commissioned a build based on Mirco Sapio's RC8 cafe-racer. An overkill bike by far, the MSD RC8 Cafe Racing would most likely be one of the ultimate such machines, rivaling without any holdbacks the likes of the Panigale cafe-racer by Moto Puro.

This new creation keeps true to the MSD philosophy, boasting radical lines and untamed aggressiveness, yet making everything look natural and in no way overdone. Minimalist but without simplifying things too much, the RC8 Cafe Racing would certainly look spectacular on the street.

If you wish, this is a new breed of cafe-racers that set off in a totally different direction from that of the traditional builds. With no prospects of ever making it into a real product, maybe saying that the Mirco Sapio RC8 represents the future of cafe-racers is a bit too much. 

However, perhaps things are not THAT far out and the Cafe Racing project could serve as a great starting point for future builds. The fact is, this RC8 remained stuck in our mind and we can't wait to see Mirco Sapio finishing this 3D rendering, with a radiator, wheels, and other details.

This is truly one of the vilest cafe-racer projects we've seen in the past two years or so!


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