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The Sound of the Motus MSTR 1,650cc V4 Engine Is an Evil Rhapsody

Motus makes some of the most interesting and special touring bikes in the entire industry, and we say this because they are bent to build motorcycles that are stuffed with attitude instead of electronics.
Motus MSTR revved without silencers 3 photos
Motus MSTR engineMotus MSTR
Of course, having some electronic guardian angels is not entirely bad, but modern machines have ridiculous amounts of electronic systems crammed in every cubic inch available.

Unlike these machines, the Motus MST and MSTR bikes tell a different story, that of a motorcycle that was not made for everyone, and which demands a strong hand and an even stronger spirit to master. And that's because at the heart of the Motus MSTR machines, we'll find a MV4R Baby Block V4 engine that draws inspiration from the American muscle car scene.

Packing 1,650cc of displacement, this beast produces a no-nonsense 180 BHP at 8,200 rpm and an equally show-stopping 126 lb-ft (171 Nm) of torque at 5,000 rpm, already. This liquid-cooled cam-in-the-block pushrod lump also comes with ride-by-wire throttle control and a 6-speed dual overdrive gearbox.

As if a 90-degree V4 engine with Akrapovic 4-into-2 exhaust silencers were not pretty enough, Motus thought to let us know what this powerplant sounds like without the Akra cans. The result is a splendid one, albeit as extreme as the Motus MSTR itself and, of course, utterly illegal.

Now, the fun thing is that the Motus MSTR sounds awesome even when equipped with the stock cans, so adding aftermarket silencers can only make things better, if you're willing to pay for this.

Speaking of money, a bike as exclusive as the Motus MSTR comes with a matching price tag. In the US, the MSTR can be had for prices starting at $36,975 ($6,000 less for the MST), which is, indeed, a bit steep. However, if you're in for a sport-touring machine that packs immense power and torque, awesome sound and which can be ridden both as a superbike and a cruiser, then the price starts to look less dreary.

Even more, the MSTR version also brings top-drawer Öhlins NIX fork legs and a TTX rear shock, Brembo M4 calipers and other premium feats, that make this Motus even more distinctive in the motorcycle world.


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