Kris Jenner Gets Her Range Rover Refreshed

Kris Jenner Gets Her Range Rover Refreshed 1 photo
There’s been this long (and tiring discussion) about Kylie Jenner – the freshly turned 18 member of the K family – and her new car. It’s a Ferrari 458 Spider alright, even though most of the tabloids out there thought it’s a “482 Italia”. While we’re busy figuring out what the heck that model is, the eldest of the family has had her own car customized.
You see, this is the drill with these turned-over-night celebrities. You stay busy 24 hours, and the next thing you know they bought a new car. Not that we care, but since these famous-for-nothing fashionistas get all the attention, our automotive news feed keeps beeping.

This time around it was not about a new car, mind you, but rather about a new tune. The 59-year-old reality television star needs to keep the pace with her daughters, apparently, so instead of getting a new whip, she figured getting her Range Rover to the shop should do the job.

What comes as a surprise is the fact the Kardashian matriarch was taking her ride to the same place some of those rappers do too. Why? Well, why not? Isn’t eccentric lifestyle what made these people famous in the first place? Yes, it is. The matte black finish with dark accents is quite particular for the gangster lifestyle, but it appears it did not mind this celebrity.

Enough with the tuning stuff, though.

There’s something else we’d like to point out. Is there any person out there that knows why the Keep Up With The Kardashians stars all drive Range Rovers? It almost feels like they all are brand ambassadors. Kylie has one, her older boyfriend, Tyga has one, Khloe has one, and the list may as well continue that way.

Maybe, just maybe, we all need to get a Range Rover in our lives so that we can also become famous. Maybe, it’s like an entrance fee in this exclusive club only the famous people get a pass.
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