Father Crashes Viper on Nurburgring, Son Bangs Head against the Window

We get to see Nurburgring crashes all the time, but, on most occasions, we are treated with the big picture, which means we miss out on the details. Not so on this occasion, though - we are here to look at what exactly happens to the people inside all the cars that burn in Green Hell.
Viper Nurburgring crash 1 photo
When you live in Germany and drive a Viper, you know you’re unconventional. And sometimes this involves spending quality time with your son - rumor has it this Gen 3 Viper has the father behind the wheel and the son in the passenger seat.

The two were enjoying their ‘Ring experience, but the-the V10 machine entered the Nordschleife’s Adenauer Forst corner carrying too much speed. At first, the supercar treated its driver with understeer, which turned into oversteer as the machine stepped onto the grass.

The slow left turn here oftenly sees drivers with little ‘Ring experience using an approach that’s way too enthusiastic, with the vibrators sending them bouncing onto the grass.

This is exactly what happened here, with the driver being unable to bring the car to a halt or change its trajectory once it started spinning. The Viper ended up hitting the protection element on the side of the track, with this causing the passenger to hit his head against the window.

Sure, the seatbelt did keep the young man in position, but there was only so much it could do without the help of a side airbag.

The young one was feeling the effects of the crash, so a medical team arrived to assess the situation. Unfortunately, we don’t have details as far as this part of the unfortunate event is concerned.

The scene of the crash was covered in litter, as the Viper’s boot opened once it hit the vibrator, spilling its contents.

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