Kid Riding Motorcycle to Kindergarten Is Surely Cool, But Not That Safe

Kid riding electric pocket bike to kindergarten 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
We watched this video several times before trying to sum up whether it was cool or fool. Well, the conclusion is a mixed one, as we’re dealing with a hefty dose of cool packed with generous amounts of fool, too. Before anything else happens, we’d rather say we’re happy to see him having such a good time on two wheels; this will maybe make him more prone to learning some safety tips which will reduce the chances of getting hurt.
For starters, we envy him. Having the chance to start riding what appears to be an electric pocket bike to kindergarten is awesome, and can represent the foundation of a potential future career as a racer. And riding an electric bike is also keeping things in the green zone, with less pollution in the neighborhood. Plus, such an electric bike is easy to operate and will help the youngster become more familiarized with riding. All in all, great stuff.

Safety first

However, there are certain safety-related things which just have to be mentioned. Obviously, the first one is the helmet. That is, the lack of a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet for kids. Regardless of what some of you think about helmets, here’s a medical fact: a kid’s skull is far more fragile that the skull of an adult and an impact with the asphalt, even at a fairly low speed can turn a happy childhood into a nightmare. Using a helmet is always good, especially when you’re young, and still building up riding experience.

Then it’s the fact that the kid seems to be ignoring the need to check for traffic before crossing the street, even when using the pedestrian crossing. In the end, after getting hit by a car it’s no use if a distracted driver is found guilty of breaking the law. Still, simply checking out for traffic before crossing is the easiest and most effective precaution for avoiding such a nasty scenario. After all, riding a pocket bike on the pedestrian crossing is not unlike as riding a bicycle or running in the street… and this is risky business.

Some say that the small height of the pocket bike may have a role in a potential crash, but we’d rather dismiss this as a cause for a crash. The video has been shot near a school or kindergarten, a place where drivers have to exercise extra caution, drive at low speed and watch out for kids EXACTLY because the chances of one or more ignoring the safety precautions is pretty high. Cue the Stop sign which can be seen in the video and things should be okay… for now.

By all means, have your say on this. Even with all the objections, this kid’s cool factor is drawing near infinite.

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