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How to Total Your Dad's ATV

There is a huge amount of failure in this video, that I don’t even know where should I start. Obviously, the first thing which pops into sight is the fact the kid riding the quad is not wearing a helmet.
How to Total Your Dad's ATV 1 photo
Now, if the kid was all by himself, maybe, just maybe we could have found an excuse for this, most likely based on the fact that the young are usually more reckless and in certain situations tend to overlook even the most basic safety measures. But… this guy was riding his dad’s ATV, and his father was present, which makes me wonder who’s the reckless chap after all…

As for the kid himself, you know how kids are: so eager to do cool things and often fail to understand that a certain goal might be way outside the reach of their skills. I could not tell how skilled in ATV hill climbing this kid was, but a not-that-wild guess is that he isn’t that good.

How could I tell, you may ask? Well, skill goes with experience and that would mean that he was well acquainted to doing this, having ridden an awful lot of times before. A skilled rider, even a child, would have understood by then how important wearing head protection is, don’t you agree?

I mean, it’s some sort of circle, with the more safety-aware a guy becomes with each ride he takes… provided that someone taught him in the first place how wrong can things go when luck or expertise reach an end.

Luckily, it looks like the kid came off the ATV way up on the hill, so he most likely got away with a good scare and hopefully a lesson learned. Joining the quad in its descent would’ve definitely been a really nasty sight, both for us and for his reckless father.


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