Keystone's Raptor Carbon Toy Haulers Are the Affordable Campers We've Always Needed

As more and more people discover the magic of glamping and living out in the wild, if only for a few days at a time, RV and camper manufacturers are starting to tune their machines to reach as many hands as possible. One team that's recently unveiled one hell of a solution is Keystone RV.
Raptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFO 7 photos
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Raptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFORaptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFORaptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFORaptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFORaptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFORaptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFO
Folks, Keystone RV is one of those brands that most Americans have heard of. If you haven't, then this little piece on their newest machines is sure to give you an understanding as to why this team is still alive in an industry dominated by timeless giants the likes of Airstream and Winnebago.

Guess what? Keystone is one of the greats, too, and has been, since 1996, responsible for over 5,000 jobs and manufacturing plants spread out across the US. In short, it's a truly American brand and one that's always aiming to be your go-to RV answer. So, does their 2024 Raptor Carbon aluminum toy hauler lineup have what you need? You be the judge of that; just keep reading.

To grab your attention and all, let me start off by pointing out that this is an old lineup from Keystone but now includes just two new floorplans, and with that, expect to see the culmination of all they've learned from the market in recent times.

Raptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFO
Photo: Keystone RV Company / Youtube Screenshot
Oh, and Keystone has done the research on us not wanting to spend our kid's college funds on a camper we're only going to use for about three weeks out of the year because this lineup starts off priced at $38,193 (€34,900 at current exchange rates). And this is a toy hauler? That's more like it!

Overall, the two floorplans are the 29WFO and 30WFO, each with a very similar layout, with the exception that the 30WFO includes a slide-out feature, helping expand the interior even further, and a different galley layout. Yet, no matter the unit you eventually choose, six guests will have a place to rest their heads at night.

Still, no matter the option you choose, the signature garage with elevating bedding is in place. But, for argument's sake, let's explore the 30WFO since it's the slightly bigger of the two.

Now, each unit starts off with a 10-inch I-beam frame with two axles, upon which laminated sidewalls with a dual-weld aluminum construction are set in place. A fiberglass cap and walkable roof complete the picture, so you can start making up that list of optional racks and whatnot that you may want to add to the top of this box on wheels. Be sure to look into solar power, as the Raptor Carbons are prewired for Keystone's proprietary SolarFlex setup.

Raptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFO
Photo: Keystone RV Company / Youtube Screenshot
Since the 30WFO is a tad larger and more equipped than the 29WFO, it's also able to carry less of a load. Still, with a weight of just 7,575 lbs (3,436 kg) and the ability to carry an extra 3,725 lbs (1,690 kg), you should be just fine with a couple of dirt bikes in the garage, e-bikes too, or just an ATV or UTV. The 29WFO can carry 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg) as it only weighs 7,000 lbs (3,175 kg).

With an idea of what's in store, let's hitch up the 30WFO to whatever truck can handle the load, and off you go. Next stop? Wherever your map leads you and your family. But, the frame and axle setup is only going to allow you to access some dirt roads at best, so you'll be sticking to the park with this one or the edge of some treeline.

After the drive, you'll probably get out of your vehicle and stretch your legs while the kids are already running loose and shouting and tumbling around in the grass.

It's here that you'll press activate that slide-out, unravel the side awning, unload your outdoor dining set, open up the rear hatch, unleash your motorized babies onto the local landscape, and transform the garage ramp into a patio or a place to set up a couple of sleeping bags. Crash out under the stars with the kids once night rolls around.

Raptor Carbon Aluminum 30WFO
Photo: Keystone RV Company / Youtube Screenshot
As much as I'd like to continue telling you all about the outdoor experiences the Raptor Carbon can provide - we'd be here until tomorrow - we also need to head inside, but don't close the doors so everyone can still run around freely.

The interior of these babies can be accessed via two areas, either the garage or the side door, and once inside, we find ourselves in the galley/living room where you'll be able to access residential-sized appliances fed by LP gas, water, and electricity.

Beyond the galley, the remainder of the Raptor Carbon Aluminums are completed with a bathroom with separate features and a shower stall, and finally, a bedroom with ample overhead storage and walk-around. Do take the full video tour below for a more detailed look at this fresh lineup.

Now, I understand it may be rather difficult to grasp what living out of a Raptor Carbon Aluminum may be like, but what you can do is head down to a local dealership that may have one of these babies in stock and take things from there. Just be sure to bring your checkbook; it's not every day you can get your hands on something like this for this sort of price, and that's something to think about.

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