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Kevin Hart Plays the Bad Boy Father in Hyundai Genesis "First Date" Ad

Hyundai continues to rely on humor and star power to bring all the attention it can get to its model lineup. After Ryan Reynolds played an entire town in Ryanville, today it's comedian Kevin Hart's turn to promote the company's cars.
Kevin Hart Plays the Bad Boy Father in Hyundai "First Date" Ad 1 photo
We are talking about yet another Super Bowl ad that hopes to capture the brand's "We make things better" motto while highlighting some of the new capabilities and technologies included in its cars. The vehicle being showcased for about 5 seconds is the Genesis luxury sedan which comes equipped with the Hyundai Blue Link Car Finder feature.

Hart plays the role of an overprotective father sending his daughter off on her first date. Through the mobile app, daddy follows the love birds and humorously revels himself to the suitor, the young Thundercat, as some put it.

What are we talking about? Well, we think that the idea of the ad is borrowed from a scene pulled to perfection by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in 1995's Bad Boys II.

You probably know what we are talking about already, but in case you don't, check out Reggie being scared silly in the second video below.

"First Date" was directed by Peter Berg, known for movies like Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor. We never watched them, but the point is that Hyundai is hiring big actors and directors at a time when Mercedes and BMW say the Super Bowl isn't worth it.

Can we take music trivia for $200, please? The funny thing is that this year's commercials are somehow linked. This one features the 1980 Queen hit "Another One Bites the Dust" while Honda used 1976's "Somebody to Love" for the Ridgeline two days ago.

While the Genesis being shown in this video is a 2016 model, the same sedan was also featured in another Super Bowl ad in 2014. Hyundai has turned Genesis into a luxury brand and has an all-new car called the G90.

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