Kanye West Rolls Into Chicago in Fleet of Sherp ATVs to Hand Out Free Yeezies

Kanye’s “come to God” moment didn’t affect his apparent need for showing off or his inclination to post-apocalyptic fare, be it in terms of fashion or choice mode of transportation.
Kanye West rolls into Chicago in a fleet of Sherp ATVs 5 photos
Kanye West's Lamborghini UrusKanye West's Lamborghini UrusKanye West's Lamborghini UrusKanye West's Lamborghini Urus
So, while you were out celebrating Valentine’s Day (or not, depending on how you feel about this yearly lovefest), the rapper was out in Chicago with an entire fleet of Sherp ATVs, handing out Yeezies. That last part needs a bit more emphasis: handing out copies of his latest Yeezy shoe, for free, two full days before the official release.

As much as he’s been criticized for his uninspired forays into high fashion, Kanye makes sportshoes everyone wants to wear, apparently. Which would explain why they become instantly collectible. The YZY QNTM was released two days after Friday’s incursion, and you can actually buy some of the pairs that were handed out for free for as much as $1,000 a pop.

Because nothing says “new sportshoe” as a massive, aggressive ATV, Kanye brought an entire fleet of them into Chicago. You might recognize this vehicle as the Sherp ATV that was the main star (after Kanye himself) of the Follow God music video, the second official release off the Jesus Is King album.

Clearly, Kanye loves Sherp and he loves it so much he brought a bunch of them to roll – ever so slowly, because these things are not fast – on the streets of Chicago. Unsurprisingly, the fans went wild, both at the sight of the ATV fleet and the promise of getting Yeezies for free.

The Sherp ATV is made in Russia and stands at 99 inches tall and 99 inches wide. Powered by a four-cylinder diesel 44-hp engine and a five-speed manual, it can reach a top speed of 24.5 mph on land and 3.7 mph on water. Yes, thanks to its 23-inch ground clearance, you can drive this thing through shallow water.

In fact, makers say that it’s good for almost any type of terrain and even inclines of up to 35 percent. While it’s clearly not made for speed, its oversize wheels make it a perfect fit for the ultimate explorer. Or, you know, any rapper-turned-designer looking to boost interest in his upcoming product.


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