Justin Bieber Gets a Parking Ticket while out with His Bright Red Ferrari

He’s currently on probation for drunk street racing in Los Angeles in January, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from taking all the wrong decisions every time he hits the road. Justin Bieber was driving his bright-red Ferrari 458 this weekend when he was busted for parking the red zone during an ice-cream run in Beverly Hills. No big surprise.
Justin Bieber Gets a Parking Ticket while out with His Bright Red Ferrari 1 photo
Oh, just grow up already!

Even though, the Baby, baby singer had his burly bodyguard with him and trying to solve the issue, reports are it didn’t really help as the pop star was fined with $200. Having a $200 million net worth, we’re pretty sure money is not a real issue with the 20-year old singer. We do, however, wonder whether the Canadian artist will ever learn his lesson.

You see, Bieber has been going through a long line of driving incidents which all stand as a proof he's not really that much of a driver. In fact, this summer was full of such scandals. It was late August, when Bieber’s Ferrari got rear-ended by a paparazzi driving a Prius. Justin even brought up Princess Diana’s death, claiming “there should be laws against what I just experienced.” Fortunately, none of the drivers were injured, but the pop stat accused photographers of acting recklessly.

Yet the most recent paparazzi encounter while driving a vehicle was at the beginning of September, when the 20-year old singer was spending some proper time in his home country. Bieber got arrested after crashing his ATV into a paparazzi-driven minivan. It seems Selena Gomez’s on- and off- again boyfriend decided to teach the paparazzo a lesson.


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