Join the Army and See the World (and Drift Tanks on Public Roads)

This is the second clip over the past month showing a Russian military vehicle punishing a civilian car, which leads us to two conclusions. The first is that there are dozens of more cases that just go unspotted, and second suggests it might be a wise idea just to pull over, lock the doors, and assume the fetal position until the danger has passed.
Russian military vehicle drifting into Skoda Yeti 5 photos
Photo: LiveLeak screenshot
Russian military vehicle drifting and crashing into Skoda YetiRussian military vehicle drifting and crashing into Skoda YetiRussian military vehicle drifting and crashing into Skoda YetiRussian military vehicle drifting and crashing into Skoda Yeti
It's bad enough getting hit by another car. Depending on the severity, the vehicle can have a few scratches and dents, or it can require extended hospitalization. Either way, there's paperwork to be done, insurance companies to talk to - in a word, time to be wasted.

When you get hit by the Army, these problems multiply by one hundred. Your automobile is guaranteed to suffer significant damage, because it just got slapped by something designed to fight in wars. It's like getting in a fight with your brother versus stepping into the octagon with a UFC champion.

And getting the driver to stop and exchange details might prove to be a bit more difficult as well. You see, not only is he on a mission, so stopping would probably get him in trouble with his superior, but he's also part of a convoy, so coming to a halt with hundreds of tons rolling behind you is not how you return home safe from the army.

We have no idea how carefully they examine the cadets in Russia before assigning them to drive these vehicles. We also don't know how carefully the mechanics check them before setting out on the road. All we know is what we can see in this clip.

We see a few of these vehicles make a right turn under the careful eye of a traffic police officer, (or maybe MP?) before one of them seems to accelerate mid-turn and head straight for the cars and trucks on the opposite side of the road. The white Skoda Yeti spots the danger, but it tries to avoid it by accelerating and dodging to the right.

It turns out it was a bad plan after the tracked vehicle performs an impressive skid, flips the tail out and smacks the small crossover in the side. One of the soldiers sitting on top appears to wave a little "we're sorry" as they continue to march on. We think the Skoda driver should take it. It's not like he'll get anything else from the army.

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