John McGuinness Is Not Wearing... Earplugs when Racing

An interesting thing came via Twitter today as we were surprised to see someone asking the TT legend John McGuinness whether the rumors of him not wearing any earplugs while racing are true.
John McGuinness 4 photos
John McGuinness
Much to our surprise, we saw Mr. Pint replying that it was all true, and indeed he does not wear hearing protection during the races.

While some riders can't even stand the noise inside their helmets as they do 70 mph (110 km/h), we can only suppose that John's helmet is very well insulated, given the fact that we know how loud the bikes riding at the Mountain Course get at high speed.

However, we funny understand the 20-times TT winner, as being able to hear the bike is one of the awesome complementary riding parameters use for better controlling the machine in critical stages of a race.

In the 2013 Isle of Man TT John McGuinness won the Senior race and broke his own previous lap record, becoming once more the fastest rider to ever race along the Mountain Course. No wonder they call him the Mountain King...


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