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Jeremy Clarkson's Fracas Will Be Remembered Thanks to the Hotel Where It Happened

Spring regularly is a time of rebirth, but for the famous Top Gear trio it was the end of a long story that lasted for more than a decade. The end of the BBC motoring show kept the headlines for quite a while, but like anything human on this planet, even Jeremy Clarkson’s so-called fracas was bound to be forgotten. Until now.
Jeremy Clarkson's fracas with the BBC now has a plaque in its honor 2 photos
Jeremy Clarkson Fracas Will Always Be Remembered Thanks to this plaque
For those on the left side - who have had enough of the scandal that turned Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May into some different villains - this is bad news. For those on the right - who think of the trio as being the car-saviors of the 21st century - this can’t be but great news.

For the hotel where the above plate was put, it’s pure marketing, just another way for a firm to use the fame factor to make some extra cash. Since the 2-star hotel - Simonstone Hall - is located in Yorkshire Dales, UK, the British humor also has something to do with the move.

Apparently, one of the customers who spent the night at the facility stumbled upon the plaque and took a picture of it recently, with the hotel’s management later deciding to share the image on its Facebook page. “We were presented with this plaque from one of our guests last night! We think it would be quite appropriate to put it on the patio where the fracas took place!

Some may argue that the hotel is therefore somewhat encouraging the act of bullying; others may just treat it as a joke bound to bring a smile on a customer’s face. Whatever the reaction may be, it’s quite evident that, as long as it remains stranded to the resort’s walls, Jeremy Clarkson’s conflict with the BBC’s producer will live on.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Clarkson will also be reminded of what happened back in March considering that Oisin Tymon - the producer Jezza punched in the face - has decided to sue the television star.


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