Top Gear Producer Andy Wilman Resigns, But What’s with all the Fuss?

When Top Gear producer Andy Wilman decided to thank a group of over 100 people in an old fashioned way, one of those people considered a private message of goodbye should not remain personal anymore. That particular person took the producer’s email and turned it into tabloid merchandise. Jeremy Clarkson’s childhood friend and the creator of the modern Top Gear now officially resigned. Are we turning this into a tabloid move too?
Imagine this for a second. You wake up in the morning, early, earlier than most of the other folks you know. Coffee is something you have on the way to work; there’s no ritual to it. Not anymore. At work, everything is on a schedule, there’s not much you can do that comes in a spontaneous way. The show is your life; there’s not much you put ahead. In fact, according to Clarkson, not even the host’s own health comes first.

Sure, on camera it all appears like fun-fun times, driving the coolest rides in the world sometimes even being the first to do so. Making jokes, pulling crazy stunts and letting some swears slip now and then, it’s all part of the game, apparently. But what most of the people watching the show often forget is that nothing comes randomly.

Nothing is random in showbiz

Every little spontaneous thing that happens on a television show, especially one that has an estimated 350 million views per week in 170 different countries, is planned. Tears, laughs, fights, mistakes, surprises, every little detail is usually well projected long before you actually get to watch it in your living room, sitting on that comfy couch. And guess what, all those names at the end of any filmed show, the credits how they are formally named, are, in fact, real human beings.

Countless hours of hard work, that is what makes the difference between a regular ashtray cleaner, and a famous person that is capable of keeping something popular for 13 years. We’re not saying there aren’t plenty of over-night celebrities that simply found a way to crack the majority’s code and get into their heads. We’re not saying shallowness is not the main reason some people get filthy rich. But even those people, they too work like crazy.

Stop being superficial. You might turn into something you’ll end up hating

I can almost hear you saying that we all know about these things, that I haven’t discovered the wheel here. You’re totally right with that one, yet Wilman’s goodbye letter incident is what got to my nerves.

The Top Gear producer spent 13 years of his life creating something that millions have followed, maybe even billions, father-and-son petrolheads would watch the show together for more than a decade. When Jeremy Clarkson lost his temper in March and the BBC decided to suspend him, the journey came to an end.

So what did Wilman do? What a true gentleman does, and what most of the 21st century's CEOs forget to: he took one last bow in front of his mates and thanked his entire team for their efforts. The Top Gear producer used a modern way to tip his hat, since everybody is connected today. Andy sent them an email, one that was meant to be a personal note, a private message, a last goodbye.

Instead of appreciating the man’s kind move, here’s what one of them decided to do: ruin it. Why? Because he wanted his 15 minutes of fame and, most likely, some extra cash for the summer. Sorry folks that won’t get you far. You can steal something today, but that won’t make you a perfect thief. Even being a successful faux takes hard work, and it will probably make you end up alone and in jail.

Work hard, it's already late

Whether we like it or not, I believe the only way to make our presence on this planet worth mentioning for generations to follow is working hard while dreaming big. And it’s not something we should brag about because we risk wasting precious time, and most importantly we might ruin it.

You know what the worst part is? Even when doing so, most of us won’t make it. Most of us will probably leave this place with no trail left behind. Sounds quite numb, doesn’t it?

Only if you believe that you need to be famous to be remembered…
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