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JeepSki Is a Failed Quadski that Takes the Shape of a Classic Jeep

Flying cars are currently what you’d call the cool gimmick out of wealthy land, if you like. That doesn’t mean amphibious four-wheelers were not popular back in the day. Some still are, but this guy is somewhat left in between since his is not a car, nor is it an amphibious vehicle. Sure, that’s not stopping him from asking $8,000 for it.
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There are not a lot of classic Jeeps people would crave for, especially that we know most of the early models faced various problems with the bodywork and rust. The one in question, however, was most likely customized to resist such problems.

In fact, you don’t need a lot of digging to realize it’s not some sort of a customized amphibious Jeep, since taking a closer look will help you realize the wheels don’t actually spin. This and the fact that it’s powered by a regular outboard motor is more than enough to get a bigger picture of this (vessel?) thing.

As to the details the owner listed on his Craigslist add, here's what we got: "Custom Jeep ski. This is a Jeep mounted on a jet ski. 50 hp, power trim and tilt."

On the other hand, if you’d actually go for a functional amphibious vehicle the prices would go up in the sky in comparison. While this puppy right here requires for a trailer to be transported by land, it does at least cost motorcycle money. Whereas if you were to get a Quadski, for instance, you’d need to talk new-car money to get close.

We’ll remind you that Gibbs Sports Amphibians launched the somewhat popular half ATV-half boat in October 2012. It’s a 4-stroke, amphiquad that converts to a personal watercraft, a four-wheeler capable of reaching a top speed of 72 km/h (45 mph).

Ever since the company has updated its models, with some getting stronger and bigger, but the cheapest stock one would still set you at about $40,000.


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