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Jean-Claude Van Damme Test Drives the Volvo FM Truck

The sight of a legendary action star doing "epic splits" on the side mirrors of two trucks has reached every corner of the Internet, causing giggles and gasps for air in equal measures. But very few people actually know (or care) about the amazing truck that made it possible.
Volvo FM 1 photo
For years now, Volvo Truck has developed a reputation for building great vehicles that are robust and on the cutting edge of fuel economy. Without the stability and control of the new FM, Van Damme would have never been able to do what he did.

Not surprisingly, Jean-Claude had a lot of respect for the truck and got behind the wheel to sample the controls. The FM's steering systems have been redesigned to make tricky maneuvers effortless. At low speeds, Volvo Dynamic Steering adds a lot of assistance to lighten the controls. The electric motor also automatically regulates the steering and compensates for irregularities that feed through to the steering wheel, such as side winds or bumps in the road surface.

Just in case you want to geek-out with info on Volvo's system, we saved a little surprise in the press release section below.

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