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Jay Leno's Garage Gets Shaken Up by 1,650 HP Dodge Charger Tantrum

People like Jay Leno are always difficult to surprise as far as automotive matters go - how do you take a guy with such a vast experience and swipe him off his feet? Well, if you dial things to 1,650 hp in a Dodge Charger, you might achieve the desired effect.
Jay Leno's Garage Gets Shaken Up by 1,650 HP Dodge Charger Tantrum 1 photo
That kind of machinery is precisely what we see in the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, which features the 1970 Dodge Charger Tantrum we met during last year's edition of SEMA.

The crew over at SpeedKore Performance in Wisconsin spared nothing in their quest to build a demo vehicle, so a trip over to Leno's LA headquarters came natural.

Regardless of what an aftermarket company tries to do, the Charger will always be a slab of America dominated by its motor. And what a motor! We're dealing with a Mercury Marine engine.

And while there may not be any replacement for the unit's 9.0-liter displacement, a pair of 94mm turbos were added to ensure maximum muscle is at hand.

When sipping gas pump, the engine delivers around 1,300 hp, which is still enough to leave everybody in a cloud of tire smoke when desired, all with the help of a Tremec tranny.

Speaking of efforts to draw attention from the Dodge's engine compartment, this Charger comes with carbon fiber body panels. Built in-house by said developer, these won't make the muscle car a lightweight player, but their effort is worth focusing on.

And just as we were preparing to tell you the marine nature of the powerplant means this isn't one of those cross-brand builds that offend purists, we remembered the electric power steering setup comes from a Mustang.

Interestingly enough, while Leno does dip into the resources of the machine, he leaves the tire-burning part of the drive to the SpeedKore specialist, who admittedly does a respectable job when it comes to keeping us entertained by torturing the rubber.

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