Jay Leno's First Ferrari F40 Drive Sees Him Searching for Porsches to Race

Just yesterday we talked about Jay Leno getting a shotgun ride in a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS (and a 911 GT3 RS PDK, for that matter) and we're back on the topic on the star enjoying retro monsters.
Jay Leno's Ferrari F40 Ride 6 photos
Jay Leno's Ferrari F40 RideJay Leno's Ferrari F40 RideJay Leno's Ferrari F40 RideJay Leno's Ferrari F40 RideJay Leno's Ferrari F40 Ride
However, this time around, we get to show you Jay enjoying another kind of cult car from another era, namely a Ferrari F40. The Jay Leno's Garage footage at the bottom of the page sees the famous aficionado enjoying some quality time with a friend who owns such a twin-turbo Prancing Horse.

The F40 is the kind of contraption that started out in life as a symbol of going fast. However, despite the fact that it wasn't the kind of wine that needed to age in order to become an icon, with all the tech taking over our cars nowadays, the aura of this Maranello halo car has grown even stronger.

Contraty to the Italian automaker's initial plans, the company ended up producing over 1,300 units of the F40 between 1987 and 1992. And, for a nicely rounded experience, the model we have here is a 1990 one. And you don't need to be a die-hard Maranello fan (or check out the screenshots we dropped here) to figure out the color of this machine.

Interestingly, as the star explains in the clip, this was his first time behind the wheel of an F40, which is why we're glad this is a generous vehicle - we're dealing with a 27-minute adventure here.

F40 stunts aside, the owner of this supercar promises Jay even more extreme Fezza seat time, as the man has apparently commissioned a... Ferrari hot rod. Now that's something to chew on.

P.S.: Our favorite part of the clip has to do with the camping-like engine lid opening moment and that's because it reminds us of that F40 camping trip.

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