Jaguar F-Type Gets Stopped from 186 MPH by Bloodhound SSC's Parachute

Extreme vehicles require intense testing, no doubt about that. It goes the same for the Bloodhound SSC speed record challenger, which will try to break the current land speed record with the man who set it back in 1997.
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Photo: Jaguar
Jaguar F-Type Coupé Parachute TestJaguar F-Type Coupé Parachute TestJaguar F-Type Coupé Parachute TestJaguar F-Type Coupé Parachute TestJaguar F-Type Coupé Parachute TestJaguar F-Type Coupé Parachute Test
As you probably know by now, a custom-built Jaguar F-Type will make sure the land rocket going by the name of Bloodhound SSC will shatter the ongoing land speed record. There's a long way to such an achievement, even if Jaguar provides its 5.0-liter 550 HP supercharged V8 engine to power the rocket's oxidiser pump.

British RAF pilot Andy Green is the man who set the land speed record in 1997, but now he was given testing tasks. More exactly, Green got behind the wheel of the Jag F-Type to test Bloodhound SSC's parachute deployment system.

The jet and rocket powered vehicle, which aims to surpass the current record of 763.035 mph (1,228 km/h) before targeting 1,000 mph (1,610 km/h), has multiple braking systems including air brakes (‘doors’ mounted on the side of the car which open to increase aerodynamic drag) and disc brakes (used when slowing down from 200 mph, or 322 km/h).

However, for a wheeled rocket that's able to cover a mile in just 3.6 seconds, that's not enough. Therefore, the driver has two backup parachutes to ensure that the 135,000 thp (thrust horsepower) vehicle will slow down before the end of its 12-mile strip in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa.

To test stopping capabilities for the parachutes, Andy Green drove the F-Type R Coupé at a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h). You can watch the test run in the video below and while you're at it, consider watching this video detailing the Bloodhound SSC's bulletproof bodywork.

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