Is TVR Planning a Comeback?

British sportscar manufacturer TVR is no longer a presence in the automotive world since July 2012, when Russian owner Nikolay Smolensky put an end to car production after 65 years.
TVR 1 photo
The last time we heard about the Blackpool-headquartered company, they were considering building a new line of portable wind turbines and denied any existing vehicle-related rumors. However, TVR might be back in sportscar business despite all those announcements.

Now don’t get too excited, because this speculation revolves around the company’s latest website update. Designed in a teaser image fashion, the page’s main photo depicts the TVR logo, the British flag and a “Never Say Never...” statement. While this could mean TVR is about to unveil a new vehicle, it could also be just a teaser for something completely different.

It wouldn’t be the first time TVR makes a surprise comeback, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens because there’s no official word about it yet.


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