Indian Woman Delivers Baby in Uber Taxi

Woman delivers baby in Uber car 1 photo
Photo: Uber
December 9 is a day that Uber driver Shahnawaz Khan will never forget because he had the experience of his life on that date. His taxi became probably the world’s first Uber “ambulance,” as a Delhi woman delivered a baby in it while being rushed to the hospital.
Everything started when Babli, the new mom in our story, asked a friend to book her an Uber taxi after the normal cab she had initially booked had been delayed. Right after it arrived, the driver realized the woman was heavily-pregnant.

On their way, Khan suggested that they should call an ambulance, but as the woman refused he had nothing to do other than drive as fast as possible to the nearest hospital. Bad luck struck for them, because a traffic jam stalled their journey and they realized they wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Nevertheless, helped by her sister-in-law and neighbor, Babli delivered the baby on the cab’s back seat.

According to Mashable, Uber driver Khan helped by handing out towels and clothes stored in the car, while steering the vehicle in traffic. By the time they reached the hospital, the baby had already arrived, and two days later the mother and her newborn were back home.

Apparently, this is not the only time when something awkward happens in an Uber taxi. A driver once drove four middle-aged men to a casino, and on the long way there, the only word these men said was “caramel,” for an hour straight, enough to make someone crazy.

Being an Uber driver seems to be quite a weird experience sometimes, especially when your car gets attacked by an angry taxi driver or the clients hitching a ride sound like they're straight from the Twilight Zone. Maybe Uber should start special training sessions for its drivers in order to make them ready for any type of situation, such as a taxi riot or a client having a baby on the rear seat.
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