Hyundai Veloster Commercial Kills Death, Gets Banned in Holland

We love a good ad, especially when it’s got humor in it, but a line has to be drawn when it comes to violence, especially in the car industry, where you have to bring products to a wider audience without offending them.

When we first watched this little video for the innovative Hyundai Veloster three door, we gasped for air and ROTFL-ed a tad, but after the commercial created a stir across the Internet, we were forced to reconsider.

Featuring the ‘anything goes’ attitude you’d expect from something made in Holland, Hyundai highlights the differences between their three-door coupe and the competition, here in the form of the all-new Ford Focus. Yet the Dutch authorities banned this particular ad.

The ad revolves around the Grim Reaper and his efforts to take the soul of a young woman. As she exits the back of a five-door silver 2012 Focus and... gets hit. This where the controversy kicks in - most people should and are repulsed by the sight of her getting run over, but we get what Hyundai was trying to do - you need strong imagery to get a strong message across.

What message? Well, the Veloster has only three-doors (four if you count the hatch), one for the driver and two on the passenger side, the safe part. Buy a Veloster so your girlfriend won’t get killed? Not so fast - why would you let your girl sit in the back and why wasn’t she looking?

Either way, the Reaper ends up being hit by the car instead of our female protagonist.

We refuse to consider the door configuration as being a safety feature, but it still is a cool looking car.

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