Hyperloop 8-Bit Game Is a Flappy Bird Variation Forged in Hell

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How excited are you about the Hyperloop project? If you're anything like the rest of us, you are a little circumspect about the possibility of traveling at near Mach 1 speeds on the ground (well, very close to it), but that isn't to say you don't support the technology.
There are too many voices - voices who know what they're talking about - saying that this thing is happening, and it's only a matter of "when," not "if." In case you missed the last stories on the subject, there are currently multiple teams engaged in a fight to bring the Hyperloop technology to fruition. After a series of prototypes, they have now reached a stage where the first full-scale tests are being prepared that will be conducted on specifically-built tracks.

The teams that are still in the race function very differently, and one of the most important ways in which they are separated is how they procure their funding. While some have sponsorship contracts with various companies or receive funding from third parties, others - such as rLoop - rely very much on crowdfunding.

As unlikely as that sounds, they've managed to get around just fine until now, but that's because they're not just asking for cash without offering anything in return.

The latest example is this 8-bit Hyperloop game called Break a Pod - which is exactly what you'll be doing most of the time. In essence, it is a Flappy Bird clone that's meant for people with the reflexes of jet fighter pilots, so if you feel like spending a few very frustrating seconds trying it out, go right ahead. We did it ourselves and can honestly say that the only reason we got past a few undulations of the tube was mere luck.

If this game is the first contact you make with the Hyperloop system, a few clarifications are in order: first, the tubes will be straight, and no skill will be required on the part of the driver. Which is good, since it won't have any driver. Second, before the Hyperloop is open to the public, the chances of the pod catching fire or exploding will be close to zero.

Now that we've settled that, you can go right ahead and make a contribution to rLoop's cause. They're currently looking to raise $66,000 to finish their prototype, which shouldn't be too hard to do. And if, for some reason, you'd like more excruciatingly difficult games based on Elon Musk's creations, you try landing the SpaceX reusable rocket on a barge in this game right here.
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