How to Park a Motorcycle in Infinite Style

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Photo: Liveleak
Unlike parking a car, which can at times, be a real pain in the back for certain drivers, parking a bike is a much easier task. Under normal circumstances, there are rather few factors which can make parking a bike hard, with the most common of them probably being the inclination of the street or the surface one rides on.
Even so, one can (almost) always turn the bike around in such a way that the inclination of the terrain work in his or her favor and not against, while a ground that is too soft, or covered in loose gravel can be easily taken care of using a flat rock, a small wooden chip, a plastic bottle and even a crushed soda can under the foot of the side stand. Really, no problem!

However, if you believe you’re a tad better than the rest of the riders out there, there are a thousand ways to take parking your bike to the next level, and blending stoppies is only one of the solutions. For an even more massive awe-factor, adding in a 90-degree turn to either side while coming to an end with your stoppie and letting the bike fall in place between other two parked two-wheelers is definitely one cool idea.

Not sure whether such a maneuver is legal all over the world, but I can only hope that the police officer seeing you pull off such a stunt will let you go with just a warning.

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