How to Change Your BMW Rearview Mirror Glass

BMW E36 Side Mirror 3 photos
BMW E36 Side MIrror Glass Replacement DIYBMW E36 Side MIrror Glass Replacement DIY
In case some jerk clipped your mirror or you just broke it and it's been rendered unusable, here's a quick DIY to fix it with minimal cost.
First of all get everything you need at hand. That will be: one or two (depending on how many mirrors need replacing) side mirrors, a lever (you can use a special tool that BMW sells, made out of plastic or just a grippy flathead screwdriver like you'll see in the DIY photos), and some free time.

It is recommended that the replacement side-mirror is OEM. You can buy a new one or get one from a junkyard but be sure it is the same with your mirror (it has the connectors for heating and it's anti-glare if it's the case).

Step 1: Stick the lever under the mirror glass (Photo no 1) and carefully pry the glass out. For your own safety you might want to wear protective goggles in order to avoid getting glass splinters in your eyes (since the mirror is probably shattered by now if you want to change it). The glass should come out easy, it's being held by some clips at the bottom edge.

Step 2: Align the new glass so that the electrodes for the heated mirror option (if it's the case) line up to the wires in the mirror assembly (photo no 2).

Step 3: Plug in the connectors. If you are working on the driver's side hold the mirror with the left hand and plug the connectors with the right hand (for the opposite side, change hands)

Step 4: Fix the mirror back on the clips by moving it slightly back and forth. You'll hear them clipping.


This DIY works for E36 and E46 versions.

This is a DIY guide and, as such, you must be aware the procedures described here involve some risks. autoevolution cannot be held responsible for any possible damage that might result while following this guide.
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