How To Assemble Crankshaft Bearings on Toyota VVTi Engine

Toyota VVTi Crankshaft Bearings 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Assuming that you put the half bearing plates in their position and the crankshaft over them, you now have to put the other halves on and screw in the bearings, in the VVTi engine's case here all being contained in one piece.
Putting the two engine block parts together is a bit time consuming because their joining surfaces have to be cleaned along with the bearing plates and a new sealant having to be placed on the cleaned surfaces. So, you'll need some clean soft wipes, torque wrench, a sharp tool and fluid gasket tube. Here are some tips, while more info can be obtained in the video bellow.
  • Clean all the bearing plate halves with the clean cloth
  • Use the sharp tool or blade to scratch the remains of the old gasket paste from the joining surfaces. However, try not to damage the two surfaces. Pay attention and only remove the hardened paste.
  • Place the bearing plates halves into their slots
  • Apply a continuous cordon of sealant paste on the bearings block's exterior rim, the one that will join with the engine block
  • Place the bearings block over the engine bloc and screw in the bolts. However, don't screw them completely
  • Take the torque wrench and set it on 45N, then start completely screw the bolts from the innermost to the outermost row.

This is a DIY guide and, as such, you must be aware the procedures described here involve some risks. autoevolution cannot be held responsible for any possible damage that might result while following this guide.

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