How Do You Manage to Crash Your Car into a Helicopter? One Word: Alcohol

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Photo: KOB viewer
One of the main reasons people are pushing for flying cars, besides much straighter 'roads,' is that up there, there is a lot more room than down on the ground. In theory, that means accidents would be less likely to occur.
The one thing that these visionaries seem to miss is the fact that nothing can fly forever, so even these vehicles would have to touch down at some point. And when that happens, they'd be just as exposed as any other non-flying car out there. A reduction in the number of crashes? Perhaps, but it definitely wouldn't be a foolproof solution.

We may not have flying cars yet - and probably never will - but we do have helicopters. However, the instances when they get to interact with cars are limited as the two types of vehicles generally use different types of infrastructure. It turns out all it takes is for one to enter the other's realm once, and disaster happens.

A KOB news report talks about one such case in New Mexico, where a medical helicopter was called to the scene of a crash. Apparently, a driver got bored with the long straight roads near Gallup and decided to flip their car over. Along with the chopper, there was also a towing truck there to pick up the damaged car and take it back to town.

Its driver's name was Frank Hernandez, and he described the incident to KOB. He said that a black Jeep broke through the barricades that were raised around the crash nearly hitting two ladies, and 'flew past' him before hitting the fire truck first, then knocking over the helicopter.

Luckily, everybody made it out OK, including the Jeep driver who was identified as 26-year-old Glenn Livingston. He was arrested and faces charges of aggravated DWI and having an open container of alcohol. But the real question is whether his insurance also covers damage done to aircraft, because you could totally understand if it didn't.
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