There's Towing, and Then There's Distrowing

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Towing failTowing failTowing fail
Towing a car can be pretty stressful, especially if the towee does not have a hook or something devised specifically for this activity. Almost all cars have one clearly visible at the rear, but finding it up front could prove more difficult.
That's why you get to see clips on the internet where the vehicle doing the pulling takes off with the other car's front axle, while the rest of it remains planted. It's probably videos like these that discourage people to try and guess what part of the car is safe to use for towing and which might result in worse damage to the vehicle than the one that incapacitated it in the first place.

Smart people, though, know a car can drive in reverse just as well as it can drive forward, so they'll ignore the front altogether and go for the more easily accessible rear hook. Or maybe it's just the position of the car needing help that only makes the rear accessible. Of course, it wouldn't be too hard to turn it around with a little pushing and maneuvering, but when you're lazy, latching onto its back appears like the only solution.

These two geniuses sure thought they didn't need to bother with turning the broken down car first and went ahead with the back-to-back towing. Everything started out nicely with the working car moving slowly and the other one braking until there was no more slack in the cord. Once it was nice and tight, the two started moving, but the car in the rear was on a clear collision course with a parked Renault Sandero.

Driving in reverse is no rocket science, but it works best if you're in control of both the steering and the throttle pedal. The towed driver could only manage the former, but he reacted too late anyway. Besides, his odds weren't helped by his savior flooring the accelerator pedal at the worst moment either, so now he can add some damage to the body to whatever it was that made him call for help in the fist place. Also, that neighbor with the Sandero won't probably be sending him any pie for Christmas.

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