How Do You Like MLB Star Hanley Ramirez’ New Ford F-250?

MLB Star Hanley Ramirez’ New Ford F-250 1 photo
Photo: The Auto Firm on Instagram
He might have upgraded his Lamborghini Aventador to 820 horsepower, but it seems nothing truly compares to a heavy duty pick-up truck like the good, old Ford F-250. So that is exactly what Stanley Ramirez bought recently and since he’s moving to Boston he also got it customized to the rightful level of madness.
He buys one of the fastest supercar on the market, sends it to the tuning shop and makes it even more powerful. Then crazy things turned out, as that the white Aventador is now spitting fire with every pedal to the metal. And this puppy is just one of the many luxury rides that build up the MLB star’s line up.

So when you have a 820-horsepower Lamborghini Aventador you use as a daily driver what else is there left to wish for? Why would you ever need anything else to be a happy rich petrol head? Well, it’s easy, once you get the virus you can never get rid of it. And when you realize you can drive what ever you want, there’s no stopping you.

However, as we all know the Ford F-250 is rather a farmer’s truck, since it was specially designed to carry heavy stuff, so here we are wondering why would a baseball star get one for himself. Is he about to carry stuff to Boston so instead of renting a truck he simply bought a new one? No, probably not. Maybe Ramirez is planning to open up a family business. Or maybe it’s just for to show off.

After all, like most of the sportsmen do, Boston Red Sox’ baseball shortstop is also planning to relocate all of his car fleet in the town he moved to, so it would make sense.
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