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How About a Nissan Maxima Coupe? What about a Wagon?

Nissan Maxima Coupe 3 photos
Nissan maxima Coupe RenderingNissan Maxima  Wagon Rendering
It's easy to imagine things today and even make them come alive. After Nissan had launched the new Maxima, fans of the brand and model from around the world started dreaming.
The new model is a drastic improvement over its predecessor, as it should've been. Call the Maxima anything but you can't say that it doesn't bring a lot of bang for the buck.
However, if Nissan's sedan has a problem, that's the lack of variety. And by that we don't mean the options included in the online configurator but rather body styles.
Yes, the Maxima is available only as a sedan but what if it wasn't? Well, that's what Theophilus Chin and X-Tomi designs thought about and they came up with two extra versions: a Coupe and a Wagon.
Wagons aren't particularly popular in the US, the main market for the Maxima, especially as the crossover and SUV segments are on the rise. However, it couldn't hurt to give it a try, for that small niche out there that still cares about the wagon.
Coupes, on the other hand, are and will forever be on high demand. Everyone wants a car that looks cool, no matter what the downsides are. Most of us leave logic out of context when buying a car, right?
And in this case it also looks incredibly good. The sloping roof and the side windows remind us somewhat of the GT-R, and it's only natural as we guess that's the car Theophilus used as a source of inspiration. So, what do you think? Should Nissan diversify its offerings?


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