Honda FUZ-O Futuristic Flying Car Concept

We all knew the moment we will see flying cars will come some day, but taking a look at designer John Mahieddine’s Honda Hovercar, future seems nearer than we would have expected.

The “Honda Fuz-o” is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing concept. "The Fuz-o is a futuristic fantasy with four high-powered turbines for high-speed horizontal flight and Iron-Man-like handling,"  as Yanko Design reported.

The Fuz-o is supposed to hit a max speed of 400 mph (644 km/hour), being controlled via joysticks, one on either side of the driver’s seat on the armrests. The left joystick allows the car to spin to its axis and the right one manages tilt and direction.

The only things reminiscent of today's vehicles are are the usual pedals, controlling acceleration and braking, based at your feet. In addition, safety features such as a Fly-by-Wire system that relies on GPS to keep cars from hitting one another or airbags that open inside AND outside of the vehicle to protect the driver, the car, and anyone in the path of the car should it get in an air-collision are also present.

And like any flying car, the Fuz-o has retractable wheels and is made of ultra-light and ultra-strong carbon fibre, Kevlar, and carbon nano-tubes.

The virtual-take-off-and-landing (VTOL) vehicle can accommodate three passengers, including the driver, comfortably.

Any fan of “The Jetsons” must be quite delighted by the Honda Fuz-o, but before this flying car will be available for sale, all they can do is wait. If the design and the concept were pretty easy to put on the paper, it will take a while until such sci-fi project will hit production.
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