Honda Dealerships to Offer Free Breathalyzers for Christmas

AlcoSense Breathalyzer 1 photo
Photo: AlcoSense
A recent study conducted by Honda and AlcoSense Personal Breathalysers showed that one in three Britons admits to driving in the morning after heavy drinking. The Japanese carmaker decided to do something in this regard and came up with the idea to offer free breathalyzers across its dealership network.
This innovative decision comes to raise awareness about the dangers of driving the morning after partying hard.

The study also reveals that almost 40 per cent of respondents will still be over the legal alcohol limit the morning after the Christmas party, and an alarming 26 per cent have admitted they will drive before 10 am.

How a person reacts the following morning after they have drunk a lot depends on many factors, but for the majority of people, a rather small amount of alcohol is enough for their BAC to still be over the legal limit even after a night’s sleep.

According to Philip Crossman, Honda UK’s managing director, although a lot of people are aware of the consequences and won’t drive the morning after the Christmas party, a small percentage will, and that is going to be enough to make a difference, AutoExpress reports.

Because an alarming number of people are being killed as a result of driving under the influence, the idea of offering free breathalyzers during the winter’s festive period is a very good one indeed, but the question of how accurate those breathalyzers are remains in the minds of many.

A fair number of drivers could risk losing their driving license if they rely on personal breathalyzers, as a recent study revealed that these kits can be very inexact and give a lot of different answers.

Even if everybody is trying to be better people during the holiday period, the Police will still do its job and look for drivers who are driving under the influence, so the best way to keep you out of trouble is not to get behind the wheel after a heavy-drinking night.
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