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Hilarious Stunt Fail, Luckily Nobody's Hurt

Truth be told, it’s always good to see everybody unscathed when motorcycle stunts go wrong. And given the very nature of such performances, it’s not exactly seldom when things get out of hand and thrill becomes pain, broken bones and sometimes, even worse.
Moto stunt going wrong 1 photo
Now, pretty much all the stunt bikes are tuned to maintain a certain degree of throttle, even when there’s no hand to accelerate. This allows stunt riders to take their hand off the throttle and still be sure that the bike accelerates as they perform their routines. However, it looks like this tuned throttle, or higher idle setup is sometimes working against the rider.

As far as I can tell, the rear wheel of the bike was not in firm contact with the ground as the rider stood on the machine. So the motorcycle, even if still in gear, did not have enough rear-wheel grip to move the bike forward. Yet as the rider stepped off it and balance changed, things changed, also, and not for the better.

With almost zero front wheel traction, pulling the brake lever could not stop the bike, while access to the shifter was, obviously, impossible. Again, it’s very good to see that nobody got hurt, even though the odds for injury are usually pretty high in such situations. And this autoevolution editorial tells more on this matter…


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