Hero Considers Adding Idle-Stop-Start I3S Technology to More Motorcycles

Hero Hastur 1 photo
Photo: Hero Motocorp
After introducing the idle-start-stop (ISS) technology in their Splendor iSmart small-displacement motorcycle, Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero Motocorp is exploring the possibilities of expanding the line-up of ISS-equipped bikes.
Hero has named this technology i3S and has also added a dedicated handlebar switch which can shut the system off in case of a weak battery. Hero officials say that the i3S technology is not only greener, but also has a positive impact on the mileage.

Anil Dua, Hero senior VP added that the i3S technology is improving the mileage especially in congested urban areas, where even motorcycles are being halted in slow or stuck traffic for prolonged periods of time.
The idle-stop-start technology has been around for quite some time, but it was never used on a large scale in the motorcycle world. Hero’s i3S system automatically turns off the engine of the bike after a brief period of idling.

The system restarts the engine as the clutch is being squeezed. While certain amounts of fuel are definitely being saved when the engine is stopped instead of idling, the system can only be implemented in vehicles with electric starting and even more, it requires a battery in perfect running condition. i3S can be easily deactivated in case of a weak battery or malfunction.

Hero is planning to aggressively promote this new technology and the bikes using it, and with this move, the Indian manufacturer hopes to hit two birds with one stone. First is providing its customers with more fuel-efficient bikes, and then subtly trying to replace the old two-wheelers with new machines, sparking the desire in the mind of the customers looking for a new, modern machine.

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