Here’s One Good Reason Why Lane Splitting Should Be Legal Everywhere

Rider gets rear ended 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Lane splitting is a common thing through many countries Europe and Asia, and with California currently regulating the popular maneuver, it’s time for all the states to adopt it. Otherwise, stuff like this in the video bellow will continue with even worse results.
We showed you a little while ago how you can get rear ended on a motorcycle even if you wear high visibility gear. And it mostly happens because drivers are mostly two-finger-buried into their smartphones whenever they come to a stop, or even cruising down the highway.

It seems to be a plague that cannot be stopped nowadays. With new smartphone apps and gadgets surfacing everyday, drivers can’t help but scroll through social app’s posts, take stupid selfies behind the wheel and write text messages instead of paying attention to what happens ahead.

Guess that’s why most automakers are forking huge amounts of cash in autonomous driving - so the driver and his passengers can simply sit all day long with their eyes sticked to the hand-held device, do stupid stuff and get bombarded with advertising.

We have failed and we’re all going to end up like those fatties in the Wall-E movie, rolling in chairs, eating burgers, ingesting drugs and relying on virtual reality to do everything. The reptilians have won and we’re all a bunch of disposable human batteries to feed their needs...

Joke aside, her’s yet another accident that could have been avoided if lane splitting was legal. The rider filming the event notices the woman driving behind is on her phone and is following rather close. He tries raising attention by revving his engine but still gets rear ended. Thankfully it was at a low speed and he wasn’t hurt.

I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if the traffic ahead was to stop real quick due to an emergency.

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