Hayabusa Crashes Head-on at Top Speed

There's literally nothing left form a Busa and its rider colliding at top speed into a truck 1 photo
Photo: YT
Suzuki Hayabusa is truly a fun bike to ride, but just like any other machines in its segment, it sometimes wants to be driven very fast.
Now, there's nothing inherently bad in riding fast itself, it's just the fact that flying low on public roads combined with insufficient skills always ends up in the graveyard.

Now, the standard Busa can easily do over 300 km/h (186 mph) and some modifications can make it go faster, closing to 400 km/p (248 mph). It's plain common sense that riding a bike on a public road is close to suicide. It is extremely risky even on a German highway, so we can't really find a suitable word for riding that fast on a 2-lane road.

Nevertheless, the rider in this movie went all the way up and crashed head-on into a massive truck. The impact was so tremendously powerful that the bike has literally crashed through the lorry's massive steel bumper.

The aftermath of this crash looks shocking, with parts of the bike scattered across hundreds of meters along the road so badly, that one can hardly recognize a motorcycle any longer. Once more, speed is fun, but this was suicide.

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