BMW S1000RR Unbelievably Close Shave

There are so many bike crashes about which people are tempted to say “hey, he was really asking for it!”, but there are a lot of nasty things which actually happen in a split second.
This video could very well be played over and over again during the motorcycling training classes, as it shows how bad can things go in just one second, when the pilot's attention is not focused well enough.

You you take a look at the tacho you'll agree that the guy was not speeding. As this was happening in Germany, a bike riding around 70 km/h (43 mph) is nothing unusual. He only takes a second to look at the bicycle riders he's passing by (0:23 to 0:24) and he completely misses the fact that the van ahead had slowed down and is signaling a left turn.

Thanks to the well-trained instincts and low speed, the rider manages to brake down to 40 km/h (less than 25 mph) and is able to control the bike and squeeze between the van on his lane and the oncoming one, safely. A close save and a close shave.

Now, this scenario can also involve awareness directed in other places. A couple of seconds spent looking in the mirrors could end up exactly the same, or even worse. Always keeping an eye on traffic is one of the key elements of making it back home alive and in one piece.
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