Hanley Ramirez Turns His Cadillac Escalade into a Police Car

Hanley Ramirez Turns His Cadillac Escalade into a Police Car 1 photo
Photo: The Auto Firm
What is it with these baseball stars that they can’t stop playing around with their cars? Customizing is one thing, but installing police lights and sirens on a Cadillac Escalade is not just foolish, but may turn out to be illegal.
Those who follow MLB know very well that Hanley Ramirez scored big time about a year ago when he signed a four-year, $88 million deal with a fifth year vesting option worth $22 million to return to the Boston Red Sox. Since then, he has also been renewing his garage. Whether that meant buying new supercars or luxury SUVs, or sending some of his cars to the shop, Ramirez spent big time on this.

One particular aftermarket feature may have his fans’ attention, though, considering it involves a rather controversial customization. It so happens that Hanley Ramirez recently visited the Miami-based Auto Firm garage, where he refreshed his Cadillac Escalade. It wasn’t the regular new bumpers and wrap job, though, as the luxury SUV was fully armored with High-Density Ultra Light Aramid Panels.

Armoring cars is rather new to Alex Vega’s custom shop, one of the tuners quite popular among sportsmen. Nevertheless, it’s not the bullet proof Caddy that looks somewhat odd; it’s the police siren with red and blue lights and strobes that could pass as weird. It’s an upgrade not many shops offer for obvious reasons.

The law is quite straightforward when it comes to such “enhancements”:

“A person is guilty of criminal impersonation in the first degree when he: 1. Pretends to be a police officer or a federal law enforcement officer as enumerated in section 2.15 of the criminal procedure law, or wears or displays without authority, any uniform, badge or other insignia or facsimile thereof, by which such police officer or federal law enforcement officer is lawfully distinguished or expresses by his or her words or actions that he or she is acting with the approval or authority of any police department or acting as a federal law enforcement officer with the approval of any agency that employs federal law enforcement officers as enumerated in section 2.15 of the criminal procedure law.”

Feel free to prove us wrong if you beg to differ.

Cadilac Escalade Fully Armored Level NIJ-3A, with the newest technology, High Density Ultra Light Aramid Panels, which only increase the vehicle weight 550 pounds... Police siren, red and blue lights, strobes... Call us for the newest technology on car armoring... This one built for my boy @hanleyramirez13 of the Boston Red Sox... Ready for Dominican Republic... Song By; Inner Circle - Bad Boys ... #cadillac #escalade #police #blueandred #hanleyramirez #mlb #mariners #AutoFirm #TheAutoFirm #boston #redsox #Car #Auto #Luxury #Exotic #Custom #Wheels #VIP #305 #MIA #Miami #carporn #KeepUp #AvorzaMovement

A video posted by Alex Vega (@theautofirm) on Nov 3, 2015 at 6:11pm PST

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