Guy Urinating on Ferrari 458 Spider Roof Sparks Online Manhunt

Guy pissing on Ferrari 458 Spider roof 3 photos
Photo: screenshot from Vine
Man pissing on Ferrari 458 Spider roofMan pissing on Ferrari 458 Spider roof Wanted Poster
      Whether they're owners or not, people do a lot of crazy stuff with Ferraris, but one guy recently managed to climb to the podium of Prancing Horse-targeted douchebaggery.
The man decided it was a good idea to climb on the engine cover of a Ferrari 458 Spider wearing California plates. Sure, the transparent engine cover of the coupe is gone, but this is no stairway to heaven.

However, the icing on this obscene cake was that the guy urinated on the 458 Spider's metallic roof. The Webasto-supplied hardware doesn't have any issues keeping the man's urine out of the car, but the stunt currently has the internet boiling.

The manhunt

After seeing his urea adventure in a vine, one you can find below, plenty of people are now willing to kick him in an area that might be related to this deed.

From the Ferraristi on the forums, to users of just about any social media channel you can think of, online users have started a manhunt. They're all eager to find out who the man is and teach him a painful lesson. OK, maybe not quite All social media incarnations - you can be pretty sure they're not talking about this on LinkedIn.

We don't even want to think about the motives that would drive somebody to treat a Ferrari this way. Perhaps this guy wanted to show his disapproval of the tuning bits installed on the supercar. Or maybe he relied too much on the fact that urine is comprised of 95 percent water.

Regardless, while the potential violent outcome of the quest for his identity means we won't try to help, there's simply no way of explaining this. Still, we couldn't help ourselves and made the wanted poster below.

For one thing, others have tried to explain similar acts and failed - Back in 2006, Jackass'  Bam Margera decided to tackle the Gumball Rally in his Lamborghini Gallardo.

The supercar's transmission failed during the event, with Bam urinating on the rear of the car in what was not exactly a scientific attempt to get back at the Raging Bull. For the sake of comparison, you can see this Gumball scene in the footage below the Ferrari piece.

UPDATE: the Vine is now down and the footage doesn't seem to be available anywhere lese, but the screenshots remain and so do this guy's issues.

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